Moving Spiral illusion


Moving Spiral illusion face
Moving Spiral illusion
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  1. Moving Spiral Illusion - Optical Illusions Picture
    Moving Spiral Illusion Stare at the center for 10 seconds and begin moving your eyes around the outer perimeter... Does it appear to be moving, shimmering, or just ...
  2. Moving Spiral Optical Illusion | Mighty Optical Illusions
    Here's a great find by Stephanie! An animated .gif file of a spiral. But wait - as countless times before, our brain has once again been deceived! The spiral
  3. Moving Spiral Illusion - Video Results
    1. Optical Illusion - Hypnotic Spiral.Play VideoOptical Illusion - Hypnotic Spiral
    2. Optical illusion - counter-rotating spirals.Play VideoOptical illusion - counter-rotating spirals
    3. Subliminal Ghostly Spiral (Mind control).Play VideoSubliminal Ghostly Spiral (Mind control)
    More Moving Spiral Illusion videos »
  4. Cool Optical Illusions - A Cool Collection of eye tricks!
    Blue/Black/Yellow Spiral Wallpaper. Whether you use this for your wallpaper or not, here is another original illusion we have created. As you look at the spirals ...
  5. Erie hypnotic spiral optical illusion, rolling undulating ...
    Erie hypnotic spiral optical illusion, rolling undulating waves, out flowing illusion, spinning circles and moving squares
  6. Counter-Rotating Spirals Illusion - Dogfeathers
    Instructions for Viewing the Illusion ... See "The Perception of Moving Targets" by ... My intent was to make a spiral of my own and have it so that there ...
  7. Freaky Spiral Optical Illusion Pictures!
    Freaky Spiral. Stare at this moving spiral optical illusion for about 30 seconds, then look at your hand, or a pen. You'll see it start to move and distort ...
  8. Spiral aftereffect
    Demonstration of the Spiral aftereffect. ... (2003) Visual motion illusions, eye movements, and the search for objectivity. J Hist Neurosci 12:376–395.
  9. Optical Illusions - Moving Spirals
    This image of coloured spirals appears to be moving if you stare at it, however in reality it is completely stationary.
  10. Michael Bach - Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
    ... visual illusion ... Biological Motion – for me the most beautiful class of visual illusions; Flash-lag Effect – moving and ... Fraser’s Spiral; Tilt Illusion
  11. A special collection of visual illusion pictures ... Moving Spiral illusion: This trippy spiral effect draws the eye to the center, letting the outside images ripple ...

Moving Spiral illusion
Moving Spiral illusion
 Moving Spiral illusion: This trippy spiral effect draws the eye to the center, letting the outside images ripple and dots of color appear and reappear. Do not look at it for too long. This the best image of moving spiral illusion.
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